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Minnesota Vikings Pumpkins (Plus Stencils!)

posted by: - 10.11.2012


This year for Halloween we wanted to get creative and show off some Minnesota pride. One of our designers created these original Minnesota Vikings pumpkin stencils, then we carved them up. Since we hadn't seen anything like this, we figured we'd share the stencils for others to make too. We think they turned out pretty good.

Percy Harvin Pumpkin

  #12 Percy Harvin


Adrian Peterson Pumpkin

#28 Adrian Peterson


Jared Allen Pumpkin

    #69 Jared Allen


Here's the stencils we created - you can download these pdfs and use the patterns to make your own Vikings pumpkins:

Percy Harvin Pumpkin Stencil

Adrian Peterson Pumpkin Stencil

Jared Allen Pumpkin Stencil

We used the pumpkin carving tool sets that you can get at Target for $4 - $6. The cheap ones are nice because they have the stencil tracing tool (the one that looks like a spur on a stick) and the poker. The best way to approach this is to tape the stencils on, then use those two tools to trace the outline. They'll make little tiny holes that serve as a guide, then you just "connect the dots" with your knife. The small knives with the tiny teeth are the best, especially with all the detail work in these designs.

Here's some tips:

- Get a big pumpkin, but  not the heaviest. The heavier ones have thicker walls which are harder to carve.
- Make the wall where you're going to carve thinner by scraping out more of the inside. This will make it easier to get more detailed
- It's ok if a little nub breaks off - you can pin it back on with a straight pin or a piece of a paper clip. Many of the ones you see here have pins in them - just like real football players! (We also did some simplification of the designs after trying them out)
- Don't poke out any pieces until the very end. This will keep the pumpkin sturdy and structurally sound
- Once you're done, cut out the inside of the pumpkin around where you carved by holding the knife at an angle. This will let more light through. Only worry about this on the sturdy parts.

And some things to keep in mind:

- Take your time and have fun. These patterns range from moderate to difficult, and can get frustrating.
- They won't look cool until you get the candle in there and look at them in the dark. Have faith.
- The small details can dry up pretty quickly - so try to wait until the day of or day before you want to show your pumpkin off. I've seen tips for pumpkin preservation but personally never tried them.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we did - if so, please share this post with your friends! And if you make a pumpkin using these stencils give us a shout on Twitter or Facebook - we'd love to see.

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reply Sylvie October 11, 2012  4:55 PM

A toothpick might work in place of paper clips, that way you can break off only a quarter or half of a toothpick instead of having the whole paper clip stick out.

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