fair shake

An iPhone app for selecting food at the Minnesota State Fair

What It Does

The Fair Shake iPhone app creates a unique and tasty experience for fairgoers of the culinarily persuasion by allowing users to trust the app with what they will eat next at the Minnesota State Fair.

Sure, you can eat whatever you want, but the app gives you hand picked selections at random in the category of your choice. Fair Shake then guides you to their booths with GPS integration. No more aimless zombie fairgoers! And no more getting full before you've made it four booths inside the gate.

The Fair Shake App allows you to easily curate your fair food experience and sample everything the Minnesota State Fair has to offer.

How It Works

Simply pick one or more of the food categories displayed on the homescreen.

Shake your iPhone and feast your eyes on Fair Shake's random food pick.

GPS location will guide you directly to the booth that features Fair Shake's recommendation.

Once you've arrived, stuff your face, shake again and move on to the next treat!


If you need assistance with The Fair Shake App, email fairshakesupport@iexposure.com

Note: We cannot assist you with the failure to fit into last fall's corduroys and do not consult on tummy aches or corn dog-related withdrawals.

Please Note: The Fair Shake App is not officially associated with the Minnesota State Fair.

Updated for 2012!

The Fair Shake app has been updated for the 2012 Minnesota State Fair. This year's app has more food, more vendors, and more hilarious recommendations. Be sure to update so you don't get stuck with deep fried hippo when searching for that delicious bacon vendor that moved a few blocks.


Choose one or more of these delectable categories to guide your fair food experience.

Fair Shake food categories