PrairieCare Medical Group

Started in 2009, PrairieCare and PrairieCare Medical Group have grown into the region’s premier psychiatric provider with locations spanning the Twin Cities and Rochester Minnesota. They have over 400 employees and provide partial hospital programs and inpatient services, as well as outpatient clinics and intensive outpatient programs.

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Enter Telehealth Market

PrairieCare came to Internet Exposure with a desire to enter the telehealth field, which is an emerging area in healthcare that utilizes telecommunication technology. They wanted a way to remotely interface with their team of experts and bring their high-quality psychotherapy services to individuals in their homes, breaking down the physical barriers that can prevent optimum care.

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Pairing Expertise

Internet Exposure paired their technological expertise with PrairieCare’s deep understanding of the behavioral health sciences and together they created a set of features and functions for a custom web application that are tailored to PrairieCare’s unique niche market. By aligning our strengths, and capitalizing on our history and familiarity with the healthcare and medical industry, we were able to plan, develop and deploy this project within eight week’s time.

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HIPAA compliant connections

The resulting custom, HIPAA-Compliant web application is high in security and low on confusion. It includes secure point-to-point webRTC technology, a fully encrypted database, voluptuous security features, customized user roles and permissions, and many other tailor-fitted features. This application makes it easier for those with behavioral health concerns to get the help they need, anywhere they are.



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