Qwikly Forgotten

The Netflix Qwikster Story

Based on true ideas.
Rated: NA
Running Time: 3 Weeks
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The short-lived love affair between Netflix and Qwikster gave us plenty of material to work with in this laugh-out-loud spoof on the recent debacle. Qwikly Forgotten was written, directed and produced by the design team here at iE. Chances are you may recognize the actors featured in the trailer as some of our own associates. Well, all except for whomever played the giant DVD envelopes. We're keeping that one a secret. Enjoy!

A love that should never have been

When Netflix CEO Reed Hastings gets talked into a blind date with Qwikster things get interesting. What started as a simple crush quickly takes a turn for the worse as Qwikster starts getting out of line. Reed is pushed to his limit when Qwikster moves all his DVD's to a new location. Now Reed is tasked with patching an old friendship and protecting his company from public backlash. You don't get to 23.6 million subscribers by splitting up the customers.

Win the double-sided Netflix / Qwikster costume, OR the Blockbuster costume.

Just don’t go trick-or-treating near a post office, because you might get sent to the nearest Netflix sorting facility.

In order to win these radical costumes, here’s all you have to do:

  1. Watch Qwikly Forgotten (the video above)
  2. Leave a Facebook comment below, or the link from your account using the hashtag #qwiklyforgotten (Note, you must use this hashtag to enter.)
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Pretty simple stuff – won’t take you more than five minutes. Think about all the wonderful times you could have, recreating scenes from Qwikly Forgotten while ODing on Halloween candy, of course. (Shoot, we should probably cut out a hole for your mouth or something.)

Contest submissions start immediately, so start today for your chance to win these awesome costumes!


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Contest ends Oct. 27, 2011. All entries MUST be received by 12am, Oct. 27, 2011.