Changing White/Black List Filters

White/Black lists are lists that contain what email is flagged as SPAM or HAM. White lists contain HAM or email that is safe and allowed to be delivered. Black lists contain SPAM or email that is not safe and should be quarantined. Each email alias has its own customizable white/black list. By default, the global Internet Exposure White/Black List entries are loaded into each email alias. You can go into and edit your own White/Black list to let email from a specific address to either be delivered to your email account or not.

1)To edit your White/Black list settings, click "Go" in the "Select Your Spam Policy" box on the Email Administration page.

Administer white black 1

2) At the bottom of the Spam Policy and Filtering Page is a list of the email aliases that are associated with your email account. Each has its own White/Black List. Click on the email alias you wish to edit to view the list.

Administer white black 2

3) Enter the email address that you wish to block or allow, choose blacklist to block or whitelist to allow, and then click Submit to add the rule.

4) All of the email addresses in the Black/White List are ordered alphabetically in one view. To remove a rule, simply click remove at the end of the rule and OK to confirm.

Administer white black 3