Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation

As the philanthropic wing of Minnesota's largest health plan company, The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation aims to improve the health of Minnesota communities through grant making initiatives. The foundation focuses its efforts on social and economic factors, such as access to health coverage and early childhood development, noting that these factors have a key impact on health outcomes.

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Building Websites and Relationships

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota (BCBS) Foundation and iExposure have an impressive 8 year history as technical partners. Initially, the foundation needed a website that would keep pace with its ever-changing roster of programs and resources that would stand the test of time. In the years since, iExposure and BCBS have worked together to carefully integrate new features compatible with their existing framework and to ensure their site continued to evolve with the constantly changing web landscape.

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Foundation for the Future

The iExposure team thinks with a future-proof frame of mind when building solutions for clients. Our developers and designers take all possible technical solutions into consideration when working on a project. With input from the client in mind, our team chooses solutions that not only fit the project requirements and budget, but will also provide the longest lasting, most robust product for years to come.

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Complete Control with a Content Management System

Eight years ago, iExposure delivered a site that gave BCBS complete control over their content using our custom Pave CMS (content management system). Through a simple and intuitive interface, the Foundation staff were given the freedom to, on their own, update photos and copy, add RFPs and manage a searchable database of grantees as their content continues to evolve. Since then, iExposure and BCBS have seamlessly integrated numerous new initiatives including a brand new Grantee Search feature using Google Maps API …all on top of the original site framework.

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