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We are a web studio that doesn't just understand technology - it makes up the very fiber of our being. We understand what it takes to design a great website, craft an effective internet marketing strategy, or build a data-driven interface. With over 20 years of web experience, we've seen enough to know what works well and what doesn't. We're a dedicated bunch of creative and critical thinkers that simply love what we do.



As a part of the Minneapolis web design scene, we are committed to developing effective digital platforms for the businesses and people we interact with every day.


User Experience / User Interface (UX UI)

We’ll never compromise usability for design. In fact, striking the right balance is what we really love. We design with users in mind and, because we live online, we know what works with today's Internet and how to develop a powerful online strategy.



Branding gives you the opportunity to build trust, strengthen your reputation, and create rapport with your audience. Whether you’re looking for a simple logo redesign or want an entire brand overhaul, we’ll work with you to actualize a brand that you’re proud to represent and one your clients will remember.


Responsive / Mobile Design

Today, everyone is browsing the Internet on their phones and tablets and, with that, more emphasis than ever has been placed on mobile website functionality. The latest mobile-friendly languages, such as HTML5 and JavaScript, make viewing interactive content on your site possible on virtually any device by allowing site content to display responsively on any screen size. We’ll adjust your existing site to make it responsive or build it to be responsive from the start.



When it comes to web development, the possibilities are endless (perhaps that’s why we love it so much). From building a website which uses parallax scrolling to integrating breadcrumbs into a website’s navigation, we’re wired in… and we’ve got you covered.


Content Management

It’s time to run the show. Our Content Management System (CMS) allow you (the user) to easily update news articles, products, leads, job postings and more. Our CMS is intuitive, easy-to-use, and mobile friendly, allowing you to make edits on the fly, no matter where you are. It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist, or hire one, to use it.



Sometimes the best solution is using software that already exists. Software as a Service, or SaaS, allows for flexibility without the cost of building a product from scratch. By using the software as you need it, SaaS offers affordability, scalability and accessibility as a solution for your business needs.


Application Development

Today, web applications are empowering and engaging users across every industry and demographic, opening the door to a new realm of online success across a variety of sectors. We design and develop each app in accordance with W3C compliance and is perfectly suited for today's advanced web browsers with faster more proficient JavaScript processing engines.

We design our apps with efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reliability in mind.



Motivate and engage your most important audiences, including employees, customers and your target market with a custom gamification application. Gamification applies game design techniques such as custom quizzes, training interfaces and interactive features throughout your website. These features are designed to drive engagement, learning, awareness and friendly competition. See how iE can gamify your next web design project.

· Engage employees and/or customers
· Drive brand loyalty and engagement
· Reduce corporate training costs



Shiny, new online marketing techniques pop up every day. From SEO and pay-per-click advertising, to social media and copywriting, we pride ourselves on being able to identify what will work best to get you in front of your target audience on the Internet.



Copywriting tells your brand's story in a way that compels your audience to get to know you. Our copy team will design a content marketing strategy that emphasizes your brand's unique features and benefits and guides your users through the conversion process. We’ll help you communicate with your audience effectively, turning engaged website visitors into your customers.


Internet Marketing

Website optimization makes up just a fraction of what encompasses a complete online marketing strategy. There are thousands of people online looking for company like you, and we can help your reach them through search engine optimization, paid search marketing, email marketing, and social media. Our digital marketing strategies are utilized to increase website traffic and online conversions without altering the design and layout of your website. We evaluate your website code and design and balance user experience with search friendliness.
· Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
· Paid Search Marketing (SEM)
· Branding
· Email Marketing
· Video Marketing
· Web Analytics & Metrics
· Social Media Marketing

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