Deli Express

Deli Express, headquartered locally in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, was founded in 1955. Fifty years of quality and service have come together to make Deli Express the #1 selling sandwich in convenience stores nationwide. The 100,000 square foot Deli Express facility produces over 1 million sandwiches per week and, as of today, the one-person franchise has grown to over 900 proud employees. The company's Direct Store Delivery system covers 26 states in the country and services over 15,000 stores. Additionally, through convenience store wholesalers, Deli Express sandwiches are sold throughout the United States and overseas through a partnership with the military.

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Complete Content Control

Deli Express is accustomed to creating its own sandwiches, pizza, baked goods, and packaging solutions – why would the content on their website be any different? Deli Express needed a fully editable, easy-to-use content management (CMS) tool to keep up with their fast-paced business. Additionally, a great deal of thought and energy went into designing a clean and simple site to encompass the many different divisions of Deli Express: from their well-known sandwiches sold in supermarkets and convenience stores, to the packaging of that product, to their nationwide delivery service from the distribution center.

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PAVE, Our Bread and Butter

Using iExposure’s custom CMS called PAVE, Deli Express is now able to add content, update product information, promote new offerings, highlight new partnerships and recruit new employees on its website - all from one convenient, user-friendly dashboard. Their website features a streamlined, cohesive look which champions the Deli Express brand while also acknowledging the E.A. Sween parent company name. The website easily navigates users to each company division (wholesale, direct store delivery, and distribution centers) without confusing them.


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