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Stillpoint Spaces is an international psychotherapy community connecting therapists all over the world with one another and with individuals desiring in-person or online counseling or looking to expand their knowledge and use of psychotherapeutic techniques. Stillpoint provides individuals with access to online therapy with licensed therapists in over 10 countries through secure Web RTC video sessions, allowing their clients to connect remotely no matter their location.

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Complete Code Refactoring

Stillpoint came to us with two similar websites that had taken slightly different development paths. Our challenge was to merge the sites and their user bases, refactor the underlying code and add a responsive template for maximum user-friendliness. In addition, we were tasked with creating numerous additions to their site, ranging from simple design updates to strategizing, planning and producing their streamlined counselor application process. Because the company has divisions across various countries, it was also important to make the site appealing to an international crowd, while helping them keep track of site usage so they knew which markets to expand to next.

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Refactor Roadmapping

After discussing the client’s primary concerns and needs for their new site, we sat down with them to determine their priority of needs. We reviewed the codebase to determine exactly what needed the most attention, evaluated the process required to get the code into an updated, sustainable position, and finally, we determined the order of operations for refactoring the existing site, while still maintaining the live site.

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A Fresh Start

Stillpoint Spaces was left with a new website built using high-quality, sustainable code. They also reaped the benefits of several brand new features including an updated counselor interface and profile section, new city pages to accommodate their business expansion plan, search engine optimized pages, an online translation interface for expanding their site into multiple languages, and overall improved website security and speed.


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