Wealthy Trades

Wealthy Trades offers a complete online system designed to help investors eliminate the guesswork associated with stock market trading and increase their probability of success, through Wealthy Trades market trends. The Wealthy Trades proprietary trading formula integrates historic trading data and market trends to show users accurate trend patterns.

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Getting Complex Ideas Online

Wealthy Trades came to Internet Exposure with a complicated set of formulas for calculating their trading features. They needed to find someone with the technical know-how translate their formulas from a stock market language to an online programming language, complete with a custom interface and dashboard. They also needed a custom registration and payment portal designed to allow members access to paid content.

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Knowledge is Power

Sometimes the client’s business requires more than a surface understanding of the industry in order to pull off the perfect solution. The Internet Exposure- Wealthy Trades team spent weeks learning all the necessary stock trading terminology and formulas required to truly understand how the features were supposed to work to gain a deep understanding of the best way to get the job done.



Custom Application from Every Angle

The Wealthy Trades Dashboard was designed by Internet Exposure as a gateway for users to access their unique stock trend data at daily, weekly, and monthly intervals. The dashboard supports a real-time stock data chart, which updates based on the symbol searched, in selectable timeframes with their special future forecasting formula overlaid on top. The site also supports a playlist of custom videos with stock trading advice posted by Wealthy Trades and features a full-featured user registration and administration portal and payment gateway to support user subscriptions.


Hours of



4 Months

From Concept
to Launch