Xcel Products

Xcel Products, a leading manufacturer, converter and distributor of innovative printed media, needed a new website that would support e-commerce, a custom product search tool, and a public-facing Resource Library.

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Diverse Audiences

Xcel Products has two different target markets, printed media buyers and printed media designers, who search for products in completely different ways. Designers are more concerned with print solutions, while buyers are more concerned with specific product types. We were challenged to create a custom product search tool, as well as a public-facing Resource Library, all in time for a tradeshow scheduled within 9 weeks.

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Intuitive Tools

We teamed up with Xcel Products to discuss their goals for the new website features, formulating an intuitive system for categorizing products which made sense for both designers and buyers. In addition to general product categorization, a Product Selector Tool was built to aid customers in selecting just the right product for the job.

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A Better Resource

Xcel Products’ new website featured a new Product Selector tool and a Resource Library. The new Product Selector tool was just what the company needed to help users quickly and easily find the correct product for their application. The tool asks simple questions while progressively narrowing the search results along the way, while dynamic graphic text elements were added to keep the tool fun and engaging. The Resource Library also offers a way for clients to get to know the products at a deeper level and access documentation to share with their teams.


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