Adding Mail Filters

Mail filtering is a great way to organize your email. A mail filter is a rule that can be set to automatically move email into a specific folder, forward to an external mail box, or even mark as read based on criteria that you apply. To view or create an email filter rule click "Go" in the "Set E-mail Rules & Filtering" box on the Email Administration page.

Administer mail filters 3

The box labeled "Anti-Spam Policies" lists all of the email aliases that your email account listens for along with the level of Spam filtering that is currently applied.

1) To create a mail filter, click on the Spam Policy and Filtering link on the Email Administration page.

2) Under Email Filter Rules, click on Edit Filter Rules to view your current email filters.

Administer mail filters 3

3) All of your mail filter rules will be listed on the Email Filter Rules page. To create a rule, click on New Email Filter Rule, fill out the form and click Save to save the Rule.

Administer mail filters 3