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Paid search marketing (SEM) is the fastest way to position your company on the first page of search engine results while driving traffic, page views, leads and purchases. We leverage various tools to create, track and adjust your ads on a variety of platforms, allowing you to get in front of your audience at a cost per conversion that matches your budget.

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SEM is a multifaceted discipline that marries research, copywriting, design and analysis to produce ads and landing pages that speak to your target market. We employ a variety of techniques to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck and staying once click ahead of your competitors.

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A little insight into what makes our ads tick (or should we say ‘click’?)

Landing Page Optimization

Our in-house design team collaborates with our marketing team to create multiple tailored paid search landing pages that are specific to the keyword phrases and target markets that are included in your advertising campaign. With customized landing pages, users will be presented with a page containing information directly relevant to who they are and the term they searched for. We’ll in even toss in some A/B testing on these to hone in on what works best for the demographic we are aiming for.

Paid Search Optimization

We optimize each element of your paid search ads to attract more of the right people to your website. Text ad headlines, body copy, and display links are all enticing pieces that must reflect your brand, search strategies and what the user is searching for. With keyword research, proper targeting, and creative energy to burn, we design and manage your paid search marketing campaign so you can focus on responding to leads-not trying to find them.

Conversion Tracking

We place conversion values on various elements of your website so you can see how your paid search efforts are translating to successes. Once a user clicks on your paid search ad we can track which pages they viewed, how many videos they watched, if they’ve submitted a contact form and whether they made a purchase. With our advanced understanding of analysis we are able to spot trends in user behavior, and capitalize on them with adjustments to ads, landing pages, and your site.

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