Centerpoint Energy

CenterPoint Energy sells and delivers natural gas to 3.2 million homes and businesses in Arkansas, Lousiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas. As one of the largest natural gas providers in the nation, CenterPoint Energy provides energy and comfort to your family and home.

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Communicating Billing Changes to Millions of Customers

In Minnesota, CenterPoint Energy rolled out a brand new billing practice called 'Revenue Decoupling.' As part of this process, they were required by several government groups and lobbying commissions to communicate this new billing practice to their Minnesota customers through several different avenues. One of these requirements was an 'Interactive Web-based Communication Product.' CenterPoint Energy came t o Internet Exposure wanting to turn their complicated new billing practice information into a fun and interesting, interactive online game.

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Gamification: Making Learning Fun and Easy

'Gamification' is a recent industry-wide trend. Companies want interesting, interactive content that captures the user's attention in a world with lots of digital distractions. Gaming applications increase knowledge retention, give instant feedback, and foster friendly competition, among many other benefits. Internet Exposure used its experience in application and game development to collaboratively work with CenterPoint Energy on a site design that communicated complex billing information to their customers through a fun, engaging, and rewarding gaming platform.

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A Fun, Interactive Quiz-Based Website about Decoupling

Internet Exposure developed a quiz-based, Minnesota-themed game to interactively communicate information about 'Revenue Decoupling' to CenterPoint Energy customers. In addition, website analytics were set up to collect user registration and goal completion metrics. Oh, and don't forget the whole thing needed to be mobile-friendly. The site launched on time and the client was very pleased saying: “Nice job to your team! ...for a PUC-mandated educational campaign, it's got to be one of the best.”

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