The Great Gem Search

The Great Gem Search was born with an idea to create a game for young children that incorporated rich graphics and age-appropriate game play. We wanted to create a game that parents felt confident sharing with their children and children were genuinely interested in playing. Besides, who doesn't love a treasure hunt?

Gem search screens


App Designed for Children

The Great Gem Search was to be designed with children between the ages of 2 and 5 in mind, so game features and difficulty levels had to be centered around this. Our team was given the task of researching, brainstorming and imagining all elements of the game, from characters to color scheme to game mechanics.

Gem search screenshot 1


Imaginative Game Elements

We began creating The Great Gem Search app, designing 32 levels of game play to spur imagination through playful animations, interesting sound effects and music.

Gem search screenshot 2


Artistic, Age-Appropriate App

The Great Gem Search hidden object game is colorful, playful, and simple enough for young children to play on their own. The illustrations form a story without including a narrative, telling the adventure of Jake the Explorer and his companions Podgy the Blob and Blinks the Tiny Dragon as they venture through a forest, under the sea, and even an icy mountain inhabited by elves.

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