Hotmelt.com manufactures and distributes adhesives and adhesive equipment, including hot melt, PUR hot melt, super glue, epoxy, silicone, hot melt guns, hot melt sticks, and hot melt dispensing equipment. The company caters to packaging, product assembly, and woodworking industries and is based in Edina, Minnesota.

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Custom Content

Hotmelt.com speaks to a large audience, ranging from hobbyists to industrial manufacturers, so the messages had to be specific. Hotmelt.com needed a strategic plan for reaching multiple audiences while following SEO best practices. The client also needed a simple way to update site content, including product details and special promotions, so a customized e-commerce CMS was a must.

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Profitable Produce Pages

Internet Exposure set up landing pages for product categories that required a softer sell and more explanation. We also created easy -to-navigate product pages that both highlighted the products and offered related products for increased shopping cart values. Additionally, we implemented on-page SEO elements to set them up for success in the search engines.

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Total Content Control

Hotmelt.com runs off of an open source e-commerce CMS, allowing our client to edit product information, add blog content, and create landing pages when necessary. They also control all of the marketing and promotion banners through the same tool. This is important since products often change, and new items need to be advertised as they are released. With a focus on search marketing and e-commerce optimization, Hotmelt.com found success in a competitive industry, ranking for long-tail keywords almost immediately after launch.






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