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Today, web applications are replacing traditional tools on your desktop, empowering users everywhere and making integration to other digital applications and websites a whole lot easier. And you know what? These are our specialty.

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Web Apps for Your Daily Life

Over the past few years, we have taken many of our customer's internal business procedures and created web-based applications they utilize every day. Our ability to do this in a cost-effective manner is something we take great pride in. Each web application we create is designed to meet your unique needs and as is developed in accordance with W3C compliance. And let’s not forget: they are perfectly suited for today's advanced web browsers and include leading edge technology so you can stay ahead of the game.

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Take a look at ways you can utilize our web application development know-how to benefit your business:

Survey Tools

Are you in need of an embedded poll system or a sophisticated research-driven survey on your website? The team at iE has developed a variety of simple-to-use, highly-sophisticated survey tools for companies and non-profit organizations.

Product Selector

Do you own an ecommerce store or a website in which users make online purchases? We’ll develop a web-based system that walks your ecommerce customers through the product selection process to select the necessary items for their project. Product selector web applications prompt users to answer a series of questions, resulting in a recommended product or a series of products tailored to their unique needs. Once a result is displayed, the user is presented with a call to action to purchase the item.

Lead Management Applications

Online lead management tools allow you to track where your leads are originating, the amount of time a user has spent on your site, what they view and the number of times they have visited your site. These tools can also deliver data to a variety of resellers, sales staff or regions. Add a touch of reporting and your organization is really leveraging the sales power of web applications.

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