4 Proven Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook

Get more likes on Facebook

We like you. Make sure customers do the same on Facebook.

Even brands with thousands of fans sometimes have trouble getting their fans to interact with them on Facebook. From huge consumer brands, to small B2B companies, getting Likes, shares and comments on post is sometimes equally challenging.

Across industries and regardless of the type of audience a company has on Facebook, there are simple, proven tactics you can enlist to help increase visibility and engagement for the content you post.

When You Post and How Often You Post Matter

This step might prove the most important aspect of your social media account. Simply tossing out a post doesn't mean all of your followers are going to see it. You need to make sure you post to the account at the right time. In order to maximize your reach, you need to post between 7 and 10 AM or around 8PM. This is before people are at work and after dinner. During the day many working professionals are not able to access Facebook, so your post may go without any views at all. You also want to post during the week days to maximize viewership. Although people are away from work on the weekends, they are generally away from their computer also, so you automatically limit your viewership when posting during these times.

On top of this, you actually want to limit your number of posts to Facebook. Chances are, you have a friend that seems to post something every few minutes, whether it is just a repost of a picture they found online or just useless nonsense they felt like writing. After a while, do you even pay attention to what they post? Probably not. In fact, you probably are more likely to unfollow or block them all together instead of dealing with their constant activity. You don't want your business to become one of these accounts people avoid and tell their friends to avoid. Keep your posts to a maximum of two a day, as people are more likely to read your full posts. They may even begin to look forward to your posts. You just don't want to bang them over the head with your information.

Short and Sweet

Keep your Facebook posts short and sweet. Nobody wants to read a chapter book on their profile. Internet users have a rather short attention span, as there is always something new to see and view. Because of this, if you do not hold their attention right away and throughout the post, they are likely to turn away and go to a different post or even different site. Try to keep your post as short and concise as possible. This way, they can read your information without having to spend their entire afternoon doing so.

Mention Promotions

The entire purpose of having a social media and Facebook account is to increase traffic to your actual website and to boost your sales and online following. In order to do this, you want to mention promotions and special sales you have through promotions. When you keep everything short and sweet, post at the correct time of day and mention promotions in your posts, you are going to reach the most amount of potential clients, and if the promotion is good, in the clients eyes, they are likely to repost the information on their own Facebook walls, which brings more viewers and clients to your postings and Facebook page. It is rather amazing as to how effective a sale can be for drawing need customers to your website and company.


Promoting user interaction with your Facebook profile is effective not only in bringing clients to your Facebook page, but also to keep them coming back. In order to do this you need to integrate contests, quizzes or even general questions to the public in your posts. You want people to comment on your posts and start a discussion. Once someone comments on your Facebook post, they receive a notification as soon as someone else comments. This might bring about a full conversation between the different customers. This is exactly what you want, as people who stay interacted are likely to continue following your Facebook profile and even invite others to join.

You social media footprint is very important in terms of growing your company. The more followers you have on Facebook the more individuals you reach with sales and promotions. These are some of the best ways to increase your company's social media following.

Image by owenwbrown and licensed through Creative Commons.